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Midland Area Hedge Hop


Whatís a Hedge Hop?

The aim is to traverse a 3-4 mile course along country lanes in the dark,

solving clues as you go Ė WITHOUT getting spotted! 

Itís a race against time to be the first team back,

with penalties for being spotted, missing clues and wrong answers!



Your team

must consist of 4 (or 3) people



dark, warm, waterproof clothing and footwear, that includes hat, gloves,

good shoes or boots, donít forget itíll probably be cold and wet!

each team MUST have a fully charged mobile phone and a working torch



2005 1st Lichfield 60 penalty points
2nd Solihull 90 penalty points
3rd Coventry A 95 penalty points
4th Black Country 100 penalty points
5th Sutton Coldfield B 110 penalty points
6th= Coventry B 125 penalty points
6th= Sutton Coldfield A 125 penalty points
2004 1st Coventry A 2hrs 47mins
2nd Sutton Coldfield B 3hrs 20mins
3rd Solihull (Missing Links) 3hrs 50mins
4th Coventry B 4hrs 13mins
5th Sutton Coldfield B 4hrs 52mins


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