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Midland Area  Pitch and Putt Competition

Previous Results

2005 Best Male player - Mike Webb (Sutton Coldfield)
Best Female player - Sarah Pearson (Coventry)
Male "wooden spoon" - Mike Sutton (Banbury)
Female "wooden spoon" - Erica Knight (Lichfield)

The team competition results being
1st Coventry
2nd Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield
3rd Banbury
2004 1st Sutton Coldfield 1
2nd Coventry
3rd Banbury
4th Sutton Coldfield 2
5th Sutton Coldfield 3

Best scoring male: Pete Mann (Coventry)
Best scoring female: Corinna Teale (Sutton Coldfield)
Booby prize (for highest number of shots): Lisa Horn (Sutton Coldfield)

2002 1st Sutton Coldfield
2nd Coventry A
3rd Banbury
4th Solihull
5th Coventry B
6th Abingdon

Best scoring male: Mike Webb (Sutton Coldfield) 37
Best scoring female: Lisa Ward (Sutton Coldfield) 52
Booby prize (for highest number of shots): Susan Jardine (Abingdon)


1st Mike Webb  - Sutton Coldfield (36)

2nd Rob Broadfield (37)

3rd Keith Hancox - Sutton Coldfield (44)

4th Richard Cole (44)

5th Ian Flemming - Peterborough (45)



1st Corinna Haywood - Sutton Coldfield (54)

2nd Lisa Ward - Sutton Coldfield (59)

3rd= Sam Rose - Peterborough (61)

3rd= Sarah Pearson (61)

5th Antonia Rank - Malvern (66)



1st Sutton Coldfield

2nd Lichfield

3rd Peterborough

Highest Male - Rob Broadfield
Highest Female - Hannah Lewis

Previous result of Mid West Area
1st = Sutton Coldfield A
1st = Solihull A
3rd Lichfield A
4th Lichfield B
5th Lichfield C
6th Sutton Coldfield B
7th Solihull B
8th Northfield

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